Friday, April 30, 2010

#23 Leather Mama

I know I've been out of the loop for a while, but I've been busy trying to be somebody. I tell you, the cares one loses when they decide to be someone instead of something! It's quite fun actually. So, on the express advice of a few great friends, I decided to take my love of crafting leather accessories to the streets. What I mean is, I started making handbags, jewelry, etc. to go with my various "get-ups!" The cool thing is, other women like them too. I sold my first bag in a restaurant right off my arm! How cool is that?

(Cashmere turtleneck, Bloomingdales leather dress, Nordstrom's hoisery, knee socks from a trip to Amsterdam, Stuart Weitzman suede knee boots, Gigi Vandal-Pop Italian lambskin & freshwater pearl bracelet, Lyric Culture leather bangles)

(Gigi Vandal-Pop "Rocking Clutch")

(GVP "Yin/Yang" Reversible handbag)

(GVP: Yin/Yang con't)

(GVP: "Her Bloody Bones" Reversible purse)

(close up of Bloody Bones)