Wednesday, May 20, 2009

White Heat

Today was all about this vintage dress and shoes. To be honest, the dress is a nightgown from the 50's. The dance shoes are also circa 1950. All in all, I thought it a wonderfully light and comfy outfit for the day. My dear friend, Z, totally summed it up when she walked up to me and said, "ooo, you look like a doctor today." How fitting as I was so channeling Diahann Carroll's Julia! Ms. Carroll's portrayal of a nurse in the late 1960's was a refreshing change from the whores or domestic roles that were traditionally given to black women of the time. She gave lots of inspiration to many and still do as far as I'm concerned! What a grand lady, so very glamorous!

(Banana Republic trench coat; Vintage gown and shoes, Victoria's Secret hosiery)

Monday, May 18, 2009

#12: Mod Squad

So I'm currently in my Mary Quant phase. I come in and out of this phase every few years. I suppose I'm mod at heart. My dear friend, Diane, has called me "Miss Mod" for as long as I can remember. I always deny it and move on to something else, but something in me keeps me coming back for more. I'm currently reading Quant by Mary Quant perhaps that is why I wore this outfit. I will say that mod and 80's fashion walk a fine line. Though I can tell the difference, not to many can. Some chick today said, "I like your 80's getup." I about had a stroke. Ya'll know I despise 80's fashion. Love 80's music, hate the clothes. Plain and simple!

(BCBG pinstripe suit & pink silk tank; Victoria's Secret silk shirt; Hosiery from a trip to Amsterdam; Vintage leather boots)

#11: Linen Friday

I wanna go on vacation. I wanna go somewhere and wear linen everyday. I adore linen. I know a lady that is so fanatic about wrinkles that she can't bear to look at me when I wear it. I love to sashay past her with all my wrinkles. Life is short, who gives two shits about wrinkles. Especially in a fabric that thrives on it. Okay, I'm rambling about absolutely nothing!

(Zara turtleneck; Target necklace; Kashmere scarf; Vintage pony hair belt; Banana Republic linen pants; Stuart Weitzman platform sandals)

(I can't seem to part with my fedora this season!)

#10: Charlie Chan

Well, just felt like invoking Charlie Chan today. Not much else to say about that. I should purchase a monocle though. And, in all honesty, I should have worn my Trilby. Oh well, most of you bloggers are too young to even know who the hell Charlie Chan is anyway! HA!

(Vintage fedora; Tiffany's silk scarf; Diane Von Furstenberg dress - refashioned by me, GigiV.; Young Fabulous & Broke cashmere leggings; Harley Davidson boots)

(A close up of me (without the hat) standing next to one of my "futuristic" blazer designs that I need to finish. My bf and I have been working on that thing for years! Not that it takes that long, we just have fashion ADD!)

#9: Chocolate City

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows I don't like chocolate. Well, I like to eat chocolate, but I'm not a fan of the color chocolate on me. I think it washes me out. Sometimes I fear I will get lost in the color. Other folks love it on me and I must admit that when I see a garment that's cut to perfection I can't help but be drawn to it, no matter the color! I was drawn to this dress. And these boots. What can I say, Ralph Lauren knows his shit!

Odd thing is, I have a lot of chocolate in my wardrobe. I suppose when the purchase is right, I just jump on it. Besides, one can't have all black in their wardrobe, can they? I believe the fashion gods know best and thus seem to steer me in the right direction, regardless of color. Wouldn't it be great if every one in life could be like that? Just have an honest appreciation for anyone or anything, no matter the color. That would be something, wouldn't it?

(Ralph Lauren leather dress; Anne Taylor shift dress; Vintage pony hair belt; Ellen Tracy hosiery; Issac Mizrahi boots; Cynthia Rowley handbag)

(Just a better view of the C. Rowley handbag, why not?)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

#8: Not So Casual Friday

I love these jeans so much. They are about the only pair that I own that I do like. They fit and feel amazing. I'll never forget the time I wore these in Brussels and these girls were staring at me and finally one comes over in the cutest Dutch accent and says to me, "we don't mean to stare, we are just wondering how those jeans can fit you like that. May I touch them? I let her touch them and she squeals something in Dutch to her friend who runs over to touch them. They wanted very much to know where I got them.

(Victoria's Secret silk shirt; Buffalo by David Bitton jeans; Wilson's Leather belt; Naturalizer ballet flats)

#7: I Heart Miami

Something about this photo reminds me of Miami. Not too sure why, as I would be in much, much less. But, I'll go with it. Perhaps, it's that the floor and walls remind me of a hotel I stayed in on a recent visit. That could be it. Or it could be that I desperately miss South Beach! I take it it's the latter. ^_^

(Victoria's Secret lace top; Thrifted dress; Dries Van Noten boots)

#6: Bell Atlantic

I was thinking about Anita Pallenberg when I got up this morning. So I decided why not have today's outfit beckon her name. I hope she'd approve. I absolutely love looking at photos of Ms. P. In all honesty, I think her style is timeless. I find myself going back to her influence every time anything reminiscent to the 1980's arises (Clothing/style wise that is).

So, while everyone else is wearing neon colors and crazy shoulder pads, I'll stick it out over here with wispy silk shirts and mod mini skirts!

(Victoria's Secret silk shirt; Macy's skirt; Hue hosiery; Harley Davidson boots)

#5: Peach Lace Pants

The shoes I have on here (though my sweet Audio covers most of them) make me feel like Jimi Hendrix. Something with the leather gives me this funny swagger whenever I wear them. I figure why not pair them with peach lace pants. I topped it off with a black sleeveless tuxedo shirt and a vintage pony hair belt. Only thing I'm missing is my afro! Oh well, there's always next week! :)

(Victoria's Secret tuxedo shirt & lace pants; Dries Van Noten boots; Vintage belt)

#4: A Friend's Wedding

I'm actually headed out the door to a friend's wedding. It's an evening wedding. Protocol states that one should wear black tie. I chose to wear a vintage tuxedo dress. I'm told the dress is from the 30's, but I think it's more like the 40's who knows. The hat is definitely from the 40's it came from Montaldo's which used to be a high-end department store during the 40's & 50's. The crocodile handbag is from the 60's art-deco era. And the shoes, well, the shoes are Gucci 2001. All in all, no matter the year, I'd say it's one smart looking ensemble. What do you think?

(Vintage hat, dress & handbag, Gucci shoes)