Friday, October 2, 2009

#22 Light Reading

For my birthday, my lovely big Sis sent me a collection of Italian Vogue. One in particular, was their special edition, "The Barbie book." I didn't realize how popular Barbie really is. I've always been a tomboy, so needless to say, Barbie was not in my toy chest. But then again, I didn't have much in it at all. I was always fond of my chemistry set. That is, until my mom took it away from me after she caught me trying to get my little brother to drink one of my "special" brews! I got it back once my brother got a little older, so it wasn't a really big bust.

(BCBG jacket; Victoria's Secret tee; Lulu Guinness studded scarf; Young Fabulous & Broke cashmere leggings; Cole Haan g-series boots)

Though I'm totally out of the frame in this shot, I just LOVED my shadow in the mirror! So hauntingly cool!


  1. Gorgeous, darling! And your shadow in the mirror IS cool!


  2. I have been trying to find that vogue forever. You are so lucky. Martin Grant was very lovely. I am glad you liked his collection too.

  3. Hi there-nice to see you back again, love the outfit, especially the scarf! What a wonderful present from your sister too!!

  4. i love that blazer darling! how have you been dear?

  5. Love this picture! Thanks for sharing. Awesome blog!