Monday, April 20, 2009

#1: Pugsley Addams

Today, I felt like being Pugsley Addams. I have always been a dark and brooding character, so the transition was rather easy. Originally, I was trying to shoot a sinister photo, but everything kept coming out looking far from dark and brooding, as the photo above clearly shows.

I'm beginning to understand that film translates so differently from real life. Angles and facial expressions for the average Joe [me!] are hard to create and capture on film! I now wonder if the photos I see in Star Mag are anything more than just bad angles and lighting. Okay, perhaps a few, but not all! ^_^

It appears to me that working from either side of the lens is well, just that... work!

(Stelle by Gilber Gilmore jacket; Ella Moss dress; Victoria's Secret hosiery; Harley Davidson boots)

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