Monday, May 18, 2009

#12: Mod Squad

So I'm currently in my Mary Quant phase. I come in and out of this phase every few years. I suppose I'm mod at heart. My dear friend, Diane, has called me "Miss Mod" for as long as I can remember. I always deny it and move on to something else, but something in me keeps me coming back for more. I'm currently reading Quant by Mary Quant perhaps that is why I wore this outfit. I will say that mod and 80's fashion walk a fine line. Though I can tell the difference, not to many can. Some chick today said, "I like your 80's getup." I about had a stroke. Ya'll know I despise 80's fashion. Love 80's music, hate the clothes. Plain and simple!

(BCBG pinstripe suit & pink silk tank; Victoria's Secret silk shirt; Hosiery from a trip to Amsterdam; Vintage leather boots)


  1. Love your boots!