Friday, June 26, 2009

#20: My Shawl Outlasted Their Marriage...

I bought this shall in a boutique in Connecticut the day before a friend's wedding. That was 7 years ago. Today he called to tell me he was getting divorced, what a pity. I have such fond memories of that weekend with this shall and my friends. I remember it like it was yesterday, Prince was playing a show across the street from my hotel and you could hear the crowd just going crazy. A breeze was blowing and the night was just right for a wedding, a concert, or just a romantic stroll about town.

After I spoke to my friend, I pulled out my shawl and decided to wear it for nostalgia's sake. I wish them both well in their future endeavors and hope they both find their way.

(Handmade shawl; Venus cotton turtleneck dress; Michael Kors platform sandals)


  1. Love this look, especially the shoes!


  2. Thank you for stopping by as well... : ) and we hope we do inspire many of women!! that's our goal!! keep in touch!!